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DrMiner will be closed when all the plans will expire and payments will be send!

Reason: Where we have the machines, electricity now costs 50% more, we are forced to stop the services!


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  • Fast Connect - Your miner will be active after purchasing the plan.
  • Fast Withdrawal - You will receive your withdrawal in 24-48h, all requests are manually verified . (100 Doge minimum)
  • Fixed Fees - All the fees taken by our system are transparent.
  • Referral Program - Get 10% from each deposit made by your referrals.


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Version 1.0

Percentage per day: 2.9%

Duration: 40 days

100 Doge

Version 2.0

Percentage per day: 2.95%

Duration: 40 days

500 Doge

Version 3.0

Percentage per day: 3%

Duration: 40 days

BONUS: 2 doge daily / 20 days

1000 Doge

Version 4.0

Percentage per day: 3.1%

Duration: 40 days

BONUS: 5 doge daily / 20 days

About & Story

DrMiner.io v2.0 is (now) a cloud mining platform focused only on the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, a very popular coin among all crypto enthusiasts. DrMiner platform was launched online on 13 September 2018 by an entrepreneur idea and a programmer who build up all, after being from some time in the world of crypto, we have decided to build something that can be called cloud mining with a very strict ecosystem.

On the first version of the platform we had the option to invest in bitcoin and ethereum, due to the fact that bitcoin and ethereum becomes very hard to be mined and transaction fees are somehow big when you are using a payment processor to handle all the payments and some other inconveniences that have intervened in the meantime, we have decided to take a radical change but a very good one.

In this way, DrMiner.io 2.0 was born and focused totally on doge cloud mining. After relaunching the platform, client active plans and their funds from v1.0 were converted into dogecoin miners, the good news was that the profit made on v1.0 comes now in only 40 days of doge mining and not 6 months, 1-3-5 years. The returns on the new platform are faster than all!

As we like to be transparent, v2.0 is way more easy to be managed, we mine with all the ASIC's and GPU's the most profitable coins then convert them all into dogecoins.

As you may notice, you can't buy more than 2x v1.0, 2x v2.0, 5x v3.0, 5x v4.0, why? We are forced to limit the purchased plans because we are also limited on how much our machines are producing coins, and it also takes time to buy and install new machines, duh... .

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