Terms of Use

Understanding the Cryptocurrency
- The Crypto coin is not real money.
- Cryptocurrency is a financial innovation that can only be used online or digitally.
- The Cryptocurrency is not under the control of banks of government agencies or governments.
- The Cryptocurrency can be used to purchase goods or services from the place where there are signs or labels that accept Cryptocurrency around the world.
Membership Policy of DrMiner.io

- It is possible to register whoever respects the terms and conditions presented on this site.
- No fee for registration on this site.
- It's a cloud mining with the existing device, owned by the developers of the site www.DrMiner.io and AC Entrepreneurs members.
- There is no policy to encourage or influence membership of DrMiner.io
- The profit is paid through Crypto only in our cloud mining system.
- The profit depends on the currency market and the value of Crypto on the market or on the investment in the bitcoin exploitation and the type of operation with the existing equipment already in existence.
- Some of the company's profits are allotted for paying bills for maintenance and electricity, another is to invest in new equipment.

Cancellation conditions

- Mining lease will be completed when bitcoin was sent to the system, so we can not refund the investment in any way. In addition, we do not have a policy of returning the Crypto in any case.
- If you filled out the wrong wallet address in the withdrawal process and your balance has been lost in your account. Contact customer support or support service providers. In any case, reimbursement is impossible at the time of the withdrawal process.
- You must be responsible for the second transfer if you have paid the incomplete amount.
- You must keep your password and e-mail as your responsibility.
Terms of service and warranty

- We guarantee all transaction information. Please keep your email address used for safe registration. It is important when you contact us if you can not connect.
- If you can not authenticate your email. Please contact your e-mail service provider.
- Payments are sent on each weekend, we can not guarantee that you will recieve the payment in the same day. This does not include the time of confirmation of the block system that can not be programmed. In addition, it does not include the wrong wallet case. It takes time to investigate and report customer service issues.
- We do not guarantee any damage caused by abnormal exchanges, delays or abusive litigation.
- We do not guarantee an account with no 2FA verification.
- We do not guarantee a withdrawal fee during a large number of problems. It may be higher than normal.
- We did not guarantee any bonus for any unsuccessful referral register. The register will be completed after you have confirmed your email. We do not allow the change or editing of the reference number in any strict case.
- We're happy to solve all the problems. We will respond to your tickets within 24h-48h, excluding debugging time. Depending on the circumstances of the problem, it may take up to 3 days.
- We do not guarantee the damage caused by aggregation or persuasion of investments, breach of the contract concluded within the group or representation of any group.
- We do not guarantee the return of all mining coins. So far there have been no problems.
- For any activity on DrMining.io, you will need to access and manage your account by yourself. We do not warrant any damage caused by any third party acting on your behalf or taking any action against you strictly.
- We can not guarantee stable profit, because the value of any Crypto currency on the currency market has changed all the time.

Acceptance and understanding

Once you have registered, you are accepting these TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The terms and conditions of our services, and also accept the terms that may be changed or added in the future. You do not have permission to view links. There is a risk in investing and renting mining power in the cloud. There is a risk in the depreciation of digital coins.
Therefore, we are addressing those who are interested and have basic understanding of the Crypto and are ready to accept the high risk.


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